SOCOM Announces Ransomware Immune Cloud Backup Solutions

  • Thursday, 28th September, 2017
  • 07:12am

In recent media and publications ransomware and data breaches continue to be on the rise. Ransomware encrypts files on systems making them inaccessible followed by criminal blackmail demands in order to receive keys to unlock them.

SOCOM's encrypted and ransomware proof backup solutions keep your data safe and financially insured. Base data retentions are 6 hourly, 7 daily, 4 weekly and 3 monthly however retention methods can be set to any requirement, even years. Satisfying any and all government mandated regulatory compliances such as banking's GLBA, healthcare's HIPAA and more.

"We not only use SOCOM's secure Quickbooks Pro Desktop Cloud which has accommodated our client's and our firm to work in a remote multi-user and fast large file transfer environment; we sleep well knowing they are handling our backups the way they do." Quickbooks Pro Advisor: Ilona Culp, President, I C Books LLC

Our cloud backup solution encrypts both payloads as well as transfers from desktops and servers. Additionally, SOCOM's archival methodology gaps it's encrypted data making it inaccessible to malicious wares and replicates it to geographically separated datacenters across the United States.

Troy Perkins, President

Service Inquiries: (973) 947-6266 ext: 6000 or email sales[AT]

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